Pin-Up Terms & Conditions

1. General Introduction

1.1. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to Your use of the Games (as defined below), the corresponding enabled Internet, mobile, or other platforms, as well as the website and other URLs linked to the Games.

1.2 PinUp Casino provides the Website and the Games.

1.3. You understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this document, as revised from time to time by us.

2. Account Policies

2.1 In order to play any of the Pin-Up Games for real money, you must first register with Pin-Up, establish an account (“Pin-Up Account”), and deposit money into Your Pin-Up Account using any of the allowed deposit methods stated in the site deposits section. Pin-Up enables you to register and/or login with your social networking or email account. Only registered Pin-Up clients have access to the login option. It is optional to log in using your social networking platforms or email account. You are free to leave at any moment.

2.2 It is entirely up to Pin-Up to designate Payment Solution Providers on its behalf to act, receive, and/or pay monies.

2.3 Customers may only have one pin up casino app account. Multiple accounts are not authorized to be established and/or used (in addition to any existing accounts, whether they are active, inactive or closed for any reason). If we have reasonable suspicions that one of our customers has established and/or utilized several accounts with us, we retain the right to temporarily ban the customer’s account as well as any other accounts and/or terminate all such accounts at our sole discretion. accounts right away All earnings, bonuses, free bets, and winnings earned from such bonuses and free bets gained via the creation and/or usage of multiple accounts shall be null and worthless. Funds maintained in various accounts must be retained for a period of time sufficient to offset any unlawful withdrawals made by consumers from these accounts.

2.4 If you discover that you have several Pin-Up accounts with different names, YOU MUST NOTIFY PIN-UP IMMEDIATELY.

2.5 Pin-Up only permits one account per home, address (postal or IP), email address, or any setting where computers are shared (e.g., universities, businesses, public libraries, and so on) (or other access device).

2.6 To request the opening of a Pin-Up account, fill out the registration form and send it to Pin-Up online. Pin-Up maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to establish or terminate a Pin-Up account after fulfilling all contractual obligations to the client.

2.7 You must fill out all of the needed information on your registration form. First and surname, date of birth, kind of ID document and the applicable document number, address and contact data, including a valid email address, place of residence, and relevant payment information, all of which must be genuine and correct. It is your exclusive responsibility to ensure that the information you supply is accurate, full, and right, and you represent and warrant to Pin-Up that it is true, complete, and correct. You are advised that Pin-Up, on its own or via a third party, conducts verification processes, and your Pin-Up account may be disabled or deleted, betting activity and any bonuses will be invalid, and deposits will be deducted.

2.8 As part of the registration procedure, you must choose a username and password to access the website. It is solely your responsibility to keep your login information safe. Never give out your login information to anybody. Pin-Up is not liable for any abuse or misuse of Your Pin-Up Account by third parties as a result of Your disclosure of Your login data to other parties, whether deliberate or unintentional, active or passive.

3. Deposit to your account

3.1 In order to play in any game, you must deposit funds into your account from an account or source in which you are the account holder. You may then use your money to place bets and other gambling and betting activities. You can only join in any game if you have enough money in your Pin-Up account. Pin-Up will not credit you for your participation in any game. To prevent any confusion, we wish to make it clear that your account cannot be used as a bank account, and if Pin-Up becomes aware of payments and withdrawals from your account that are not related to betting or other gaming activity, we retain the right to deduct an administrative charge (regardless of whether your account is closed or suspended).

3.2 All information needed to make deposits to your Pin-Up Account may be found on the website’s “My Account” and “Deposit” sections. You may utilize any of the techniques listed on these pages, which may change from time to time.

3.3 Deposits may involve costs depending on the method chosen. Please see “My Account” and “Deposits” for current deposit costs for each deposit type. Your bank may charge you separately for wire transfers and other payment methods. Some payment options may not be accessible in all countries; also, transactions in some countries are done in full amounts.

4. Payments in the Game

4.1 All prizes will be paid to your Pin-Up account whenever the conclusion of a game in which you play is decided or, if appropriate, Pin-Up confirms the relevant outcome of an event and settles the markets.

4.2 If Pin-Up incorrectly credits your account with wins that do not belong to you, whether as a result of an error in the published paytables, game software, or human mistake, the sum becomes Pin-Up’s property and will be moved from your account. If a withdrawal request has already been processed with funds that do not belong to you before Pin-Up finds the mistake, the amount paid in error will be considered a debt due by you to Pin-Up. In the case of an inaccurate credit, the payment provider business will make automatic measures to recover such credit with a charge to their respective account, and the player is also required to contact Pin-Up promptly via email.

5. Close your account

5.1 You may terminate your account at any time, and Pin-Up will refund any and all monies in your Pin-Up account, less any applicable withdrawal costs. The mode of reimbursement will be entirely at our discretion.

5.2 If a Pin-Up account is closed owing to gambling addiction or fraud, a person shall not register a new account. Pin-Up shall not be responsible for direct or indirect consequential damages if the person is successful in creating a new account. Pin-Up has the right to terminate any account that has been established in violation of this guideline at any time.

5.3 Pin-Up retains the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation to provide any explanation or notice, to cancel your Pin-Up Account and repay to you the “Available to Bet” amount, subject to the deduction of appropriate costs. The difference may be rounded up.

5.4 If you do not access your Pin-Up account through the Internet using your “username” and “password” for thirty (30) months, Pin-Up will deliver the balances in your account to you, or to the Malta Gaming Authority if you cannot be found satisfactorily.

5.5 Pin-Up retains the right to withhold and withdraw any incentives provided to you if they are not utilized within 6 months of being issued.

5.6 If your account contains a real money balance and has not been accessed for 12 months, it will be declared inactive. Pin-Up will contact you thirty days before your account is declared dormant to redeem your money before the account becomes inactive. If your account balance remains positive 12 months after your last login, Pin-Up will charge a monthly administration fee of Rs.100 or its equivalent in any other currency, until your account balance is reduced to zero. Please keep in mind that this administrative fee may only be charged to your account on our website and cannot be applied to any of your related bank accounts. You may reactivate your account or remove your remaining money at any time, so none of the following administrative costs will apply.

5.7 If the account is presently self-excluded, there will be no monthly administrative costs. The non-activity time will begin to count once the self-exclusion period is removed.

6. Your responsibilities as a client

6.1 You represent and warrant the following:

6.1.1 You are 18 years of age or older, or the legal age in accordance with relevant legislation, and are eligible to engage in the Games provided on the website.

6.1.2 You are a unique person. You are not permitted to be a corporation or other legal entity. You engage in the Games only for personal, non-professional, recreational, and entertainment reasons.

6.1.3 You enter the Games on your own own and not on behalf of anybody else.

6.1.4 Games offered on the website must be played in the same manner as games available on other facilities. This implies that our customers must be kind to one another and refrain from making harsh, racist, or xenophobic remarks, as well as sexual or vulgar remarks.

6.1.5 All transactions and betting coupons, as well as these Terms and Conditions and any other regulations for the games made accessible on the Pin-Up website, must be printed. These must be kept in a readily accessible location.

6.1.6 It is your obligation to determine whether or not internet gambling is legal in your country.

6.1.7 You are not authorized to transfer monies from your customer account to other customers, receive payments from other customers, or transfer, sell, or acquire user accounts.

6.1.8 You are not a professional athlete in any sport, tournament, or league on which Pin-Up provides betting;

6.1.9 You are not categorized as a problem compulsive gambler, and/or you are listed (voluntarily or unwillingly) in any excluded player registration or database.

6.1.10 Your account has not yet been closed by us or at your request.